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Last Day, Special Thanks!

Today is May 31st. Yes, it is the last day of the month but more importantly, it’s the last day of Military Appreciation Month.

In this month, we have celebrated and shown our appreciation for the brave service men and women of the United States who put their lives on the line to protect us all. Most have seen war, have been on foreign soils for months at a time, away from their families and have seen the worst kind of devastation happen right in front of them. A lot of what keeps them going is the thoughts of safe home for their families and friends. Next time someone goes overseas, remember that card, a care package and answering a phone call means all the world to our soldiers.

This month however, the country has celebrated our active duty soldiers, veterans and those who have passed with ceremonies, parades, cards, flowers, meals and more. Even though May is Military Appreciation Month, we should all show our gratitude and appreciation for what they do for all of us, all year round. Make sure you thank those you know for their hard work.

From everyone here at Windy City Novelties, we would like to say thank you to all of the brave souls that risk their lives just so we can keep ours. Thank you for the security and sense of reassurance that we are safe. We appreciate everything you do for us and you are always in our hearts. Thank you all!  


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